Customer Satisfaction Survey

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and trust that you are pleased with the service provided. We believe in and strive to achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction. Would you please take a moment to review the following 16-question survey, indicate your responses, and click the submit button?

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Question 1: Was our Customer Service Representative courteous and helpful?
Question 2: Did our Customer Service Representative advise you of our minimum fee and available services?
Question 3: Did our Technician arrive within a reasonable time of when you were advised he’d arrive?
Question 4: Was our Technician professional, courteous and knowledgeable?
Question 5: Technician's appearance was:
Question 6: Did our Technician use disposable shoe covers (booties) and a red carpet to protect your floors?
Question 7: Were you given a complete, written diagnosis and quote before the work was performed?
Question 8: Were additional options and pricing provided?
Question 9: Was the work performed to your satisfaction?
Question 10: Were you offered a customer care package and business card so you can have our number handy for future service needs?
Question 11: Would you like to have the same Technician for future service calls?
Question 12: Did our Technician or Customer Service Representative explain the benefits of our Red Carpet Service Agreement?
Question 13: If not, would you like us to send you information on a service agreement?
Question 14: How would you describe the level of service and value you received compared to the price charged?
Question 15: Would you recommend Keith Lawson Services to others?
Question 16: May we have your permission to share your comments with other customers and/or for marketing/advertising activities?