Red Carpet Service

Enjoy Peace of Mind

We know your heating/air conditioning and plumbing systems are an important part of your home. After all, you depend on them every day. What do you do if something goes wrong?

Unexpected repair bills can be a real inconvenience and locating a trustworthy service company can be a time-consuming effort. You can count on our trained Technicians to use only quality parts and procedures.

Be prepared - Keith Lawson Services' Red Carpet Service Agreement provides you with options for discounted repair prices, priority emergency service and professional equipment maintenance to keep your systems running in top condition so you can enjoy them for years to come.

A Commitment to Excellence - To accomplish our goal, we take special care to identify the real source of the problem and recommend solutions that will permanently fix the situation – once and for all.


All costs are for one A/C system. Call for pricing on 2 or more systems. Prices subject to change without notice.

Red Carpet: Service Partners
Annual Maintenance Contract:

  • Only $179.95
  • 1 Free Plumbing Diagnostic
  • Priority Service

Red Carpet: Preferred
Annual Maintenance Contract:

  • Only $199.95
  • A/C Checkup 2 Times a Year
  • 1 Free Plumbing Diagnostic
  • Priority Service
  • 10% Off Repairs

Red Carpet: Smart Choice
Annual Maintenance Contract:

  • Only $399.95
  • 1 Free Plumbing Diagnostic
  • 10% Off Repairs
  • Priority Service
  • 1 Nest Item when you Sign Up or $300 Off a New A/C System
  • 10% Off of Additional Nest Smart Home Solutions


Check Up Includes Inspection of The Following Items

  • Thermostat Operation
  • Air Filter
  • Ductwork Condition
  • AHU Fan Motor
  • AHU Coil
  • AHU Drain Pan
  • AHU/Furn Temp
  • Static Pressure
  • Record Temperatures
  • Refrigerant Pressures
  • Relay Contactors/Electrical Connections
  • Capacitor Ratings
  • Check Compressor Running Operation
  • Check Disconnect & Breakers
  • Condenser Fan Operation
  • Heat Strips (KW Rating, Amps)
  • Gas Pressures (Incoming & Manifold)
  • Combustion Blower Amps
  • Visually check heat exchanger if accessible
  • Carbon Monoxide Reading (PPM)
  • Check Burners
  • Defrost Operation
  • Rinse Condenser Coil

Some items may not apply if a customer does not have a certain type of equipment, or if the season dictates omitting an item.



Up-Front Pricing – After performing a complete Diagnostic Inspection, our Technician will present a written recommendation and flat rate price for any necessary repairs and obtain customer's approval before any further service is performed.

Repair Costs for Red Carpet – Repair costs are not included in the Service Agreement, but Preferred and Smart Choice customers get a 10% discount on both plumbing and AC repairs and during the 12-month agreement period regardless of which service agreement is purchased.


Red Carpet Customers

Red Carpet Customers also receive the following benefits during the 12-month agreement period:

  • "Priority Customer" Status In Our Computer Database
  • Priority Attention Guaranteed
  • Same-Day Service At Standard Rates If Service Call Is Received By Noon*
  • Inspections Will Be Scheduled In Our Computer “Tickler” System & We Will Contact You To Schedule Each Visit
  • Peace Of Mind That Your Heating/Air Conditioning & Plumbing Systems Are Operating At Peak Condition

Now that you know the facts, you can see why being a Red Carpet Service Agreement Priority Customer is the smart, affordable way to protect your heating/air conditioning and plumbing systems.

*Excludes weekends and holidays